About Humberto and his jewelry

Humberto Hernandez practices the art of silver smithing to make beautiful, hand fabricated pieces of jewelry. He learned jewelry making as a young adult, being surrounded by it in his family.  He furthered his skills by attending the Miami Jewelry School and he continues to learn, taking various classes and by the experimental work in his studio. He loves the process of creating a beautiful piece of adornment from nothing but a sheet of silver, wire and stones. Each piece is cut, filed, formed, textured, soldered, stone set and polished all by hand, resulting in pieces that are a joy to wear.  His pieces are made from silver with accents of 18k gold. He hand selects beautiful, unusual stones and incorporates them into his pieces using bezel settings. Humberto imagines the feel of the art and adds texture to his pieces with reticulation, and patina.  His line of jewelry consists of pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. He carefully handcrafts each piece to be enjoyed by many.